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October 31, 2009

Google Trick or Treat

Google's up to some new old tricks? Turns out may be quite a treat after all...
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October 22, 2009

Windows 7 Review

Windows 7 is a major upgrade from Windows XP, if this is the route you are taking, you missed out on a lot of new features brought about by Vista, and you might be a little overwhelmed at first at everything that has changed in 7. However, if you were a Vista user, then the only things to really take note of, from a users perspective, is that the Start bar has received a major reworking. Getting familiar with the new start bar is pretty easy and ...
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October 21, 2009

Wow Google and Twitter Together?

I can't wait to see what they have planned, Shout out, what do you think? I think this is bigger news than Google Wave!
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October 17, 2009


Ok If you haven't heard, Notepad++ is basically the end-all editor for writing code, FAST. While it's not a true IDE for writing full scale applications like Java's NETBeans, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, etc., it's makes life so much easier for those of us who only need to do editing, quick code-revision, editing, and even as just a syntax highlighter. You can get it here....
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