About GCX

Green Complex is a group of IT specialist, web designers, web developers, and social media specialists who focus on providing rich information on subjects ranging from Facebook Application Development, to HTML5, WordPress themes, or anything else that we can achieve through our creativity and experience. We provide guides to using social media in unusual ways, provide tutorials, facts, code snippets, and more. We also provide recreational activities like games and HDR wallpapers to inspire during the moments when programmers and designers hit road blocks. Developers and Designers will find inspiration, and can share theirs with other in our community forums.


Green Complex started as the brain child of Jason Green in Feb 2009. Starting out as a place to review applications and services, GCX is expanding into new areas. Being an online community means we are a little bit of everywhere, which we believe creates diversity in our member base. This diversity is the mixture of designers and developers coming together to produce ideas  in new and exciting ways.

Services Provided

This site, and several subdomains which make up the matrix, er complex, provide additional services as well.  Some, are public, some are private, some are in beta, and some are in omega. If Photography or graphic design is your thing, you maybe interested in our wallpaper site. *Offline for reconstruction* Wallpapers have been inspiring many designers since the internet began. Sometime developers need to step away from their problems to take an objective look. Our arcade is unlike many on the internet, where the game is 90% of the focus, and always fast loading. It’s not tons of games like Newgrounds, just mentally stimulating entertainment, showcasing other talented designers.

About the Creator

Jason Green is an IT Director and has been into computers since he could talk. In his spare time when he’s not with family he can usually be found reading, researching, and trying out new technologies. An early adopter of both successful and failed technologies, Jason is willing to put his discoveries and resources on Green Complex for everyone.

Want to be an Author on Green Complex?

Green Complex is also looking for more authors on this site. If you are interested please let me know via the contact form, or the forum.

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