How to bypass any web filter

In light of the recent ban of Facebook in Pakistan I’m going to show you how to bypass any web filter,maintain the highest form of privacy, on ANY computer, and without installing any software or visiting lame “proxy” websites! And it’s all thanks to Torfox, a derivative of Firefox and Tor mashed together! Tor uses multiple layeres of cryptography (hence the Onion routing analogy), ensuring perfect forward secrecy between routers (You and your destination). In short, TOTAL PRIVACY, and BYPASSES WEB FILTERS.torfoxSimply go to and download the portable Torfox Zipped package, and extract it to a folder, preferably on a flash drive.

Then run torfox.exe and it will open a slim looking version of Firfox. The first page won’t load right away, it could take up to three mins to connect, but then once it does, you can surf anywhere, without limits or worries!

Screencast coming soon!

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