How to Spoof Caller ID for Free

Pretending to be someone your not is always alot of fun, but sometimes it’s actually necessary, like when you are a debt collector and your calls are being screened. This of course as you can guess, be misused quite badly, however to show you how easy it actually is, I’ll guide you through the process of showing a fake number on the Caller ID of whoever you want to call.spoof-call

First, goto this address

Fill out the form, you’ll need to put in your own number, and the number you want to call, and the number you want them to see.

Then Dial the phone number that they provide, and after listening to a short ad, they connect the call and spoof everything for you.

Try it out, it’s pretty simple! Remember, don’t do anything illegal, I’m sure all that data gets logged somewhere!

Anyone have any experience with this or any other Caller ID spoofing vendors?

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