Better Start Page for Chrome

I was looking into creating a start page portal that used facebook login, but before I got started a little research uncovered this little gem:
If you’re a chrome user you’re going to love this!

From their Description:

Incredible StartPage is a productive start page replacement for Chrome. Put all your favorite bookmarks in a beautiful frame, and enjoy our handy features!

New in 0.9
– Notepad sync
– Post notes to Google App accounts
– More theme options, including using custom gradient as background
– Bundled default wallpaper for faster loading
– Recently closed tabs options

– Customizable color theme
– Easily access your favorite bookmarks in a large frame
– Simple closed tab recovery
– Take notes and post to Gmail in one click

See a full tutorial on our blog

Personally, some things I would like to see, RSS feeds, and some status streams from Facebook and Twitter…

Find the current version here:

Some Screenshots of My Personalized Start Pages

  1. Jason August 18, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    Dude, I was making this thing when I found out they already had this one! It's really nice because you can fit more links on the new tab page, and also see your history etc etc

    I have retired Firefoc to debugging CSS and spying on headers, that's about it!

  2. Man-Over-Board August 18, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    I'll definitely be checking this out. I use chrome most of the time and love the speed. Better plug ins are always welcome!!

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