Secure your Facebook from Hackers

Get notified anytime someone accesses your facebook account. Simply use this shortcut to go to your account security settings in facebook. and then go to “Account Security” then Choose “Yes” and check the SMS box if you want to get a text message anytime someone logs in to your facebook account from an unknown computer. (You then will need to authorize each computer first by logging out, and back in at each pc)

Now the Next time you log in, Facebook will ask you to authorize the computer.

Now if a hacker logs into your facebook account from an unknown computer / location,
you will be notified instantly!

Step 1: Enable the new feature in Account Security

Step 2: Log Off, and then log back in to Facebook

Step 3: Verify: Under Account Security you should now see your computer Listed.

Now if anyone attempts to access your facebook from an unauthorized source, you will be notified!

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