SEO 101 | The Basics

Outside of doing on page tricks for SEO, one of the most basic and fundamental SEO tips every webmaster should be aware of is

utilizing the tools of the trade. Every webmaster should be using Google Analytics, but are you really using it? I must admit that sometime I get blinders on to what is drawing people into my website, but as a publisher funded by on page advertisements, I forgot some of the basics to making sure your page in ranking good in the search engines.

Step1: Look at you Search Engine stats in Google Analytics:

(Click for Larger View)

In the chart under the line graph, on the right Choose Performance view, and it should look like this:

The reason for viewing the performance is seeing what is working, how well it’s working, or what’s NOT working. In my case I noticed Bing was NOT working. So what do we do from here? Well in case you hadn’t figured it out, Step 1 was Identify the Problem. in this case it was bing. So let’s goto step two.

Step 2: Finding a solution

Bing is bung so we need to get that back in working order, so first thing, lets head over to and see if we can spot a problem. In my case, the Authentication failed. A wordpress Update or something must have deleted my authorization file from my server. A quick re-upload and I’m back in bing!  Bing’s webmaster tools are like a dark mirror to Google’s but it readily hands out information that’s a little buried on Google’s webmaster tools. It’s also important to use a sitemap. Please not that a rss feed is NOT the same as a sitemap. I recommend using a wordpress plugin to make the site map automatically and on the fly. Google Bing and Yahoo will grab it, IF you have set up a webmaster account with each one of them, so I recommend doing that.

Bing has about %6 Search Engine share at the moment, and it’s on the rise. This means I should see a welcoming %6 increase of Search Traffic from bing over the next few weeks. I’ll repost with more images if that’s true..

That’s it! Pretty basic overview with one sharp little point. Anyone can overlook the basics, so check out your stats every now and then, and try to look for areas you can improve. Search engine rankings are important for getting the good paying ads on Google.

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