Humans need not apply

I saw this video and Gene Roddenberry came to mind. Instead of a great depression, maybe we can achieve a different, new kind of society if humans can resist the urge to starve poor people.

From triviumquadrivium


So, in the end, could our present Earth ever be like Star Trek earth?  Yep, but we need:

a) relatively unlimited manufacturing capacity (e.g., with replicators).

b) relatively  low population on Earth, and a land-distribution system.

c) an effective world democracy, working on a federated level, with varieties of local democracy.

d) slowly, a more intelligent populace at large, which would naturally tend to reach for more abstract, long-term goals.

If we could do this, oh, and also:

e) get rid of a lot of institutions which right now are not very nice (e.g., parasitic corporations),

f) and parasitic, exploitative governments,

g) and anti-rational, anti-humanist dogmas which cause people to value themselves over others – i.e., which teach them not to be empathetic (e.g., Fox News, Ayn Rand enthusiasts, religious fundamentalists),

Then yes, we could see Gene Roddenberry’s vision of an ideal, Utopian Star Trek Earth become a reality!

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