Tower Defense Games

The best Tower Defense games from around the internet.

  • Garden Defense – Protect your garden from insects… can you do it?
  • Warzone Extended – “Warzone Tower Defense Extended” expands upon the original game adding new tower upgrades and other unlock-able enhancements. This is the most robust Tower Game I’ve seen, and reminds me more of a command and conquer type of game, just no troops.
  • Fujitsu Defender – Tower defense game based on levelling your tower. Lots of towers, enemies, achievments and upgrades. Ballanced game with very wide range of game strategies.

Platform Games

The best platform games picked by me. Platform games are also called run and jump.

  • Canabalt – You run, and jump. Well, actually you just have to jump. Amazingly addictive….
  • Super Mario Cross Over – It’s Mario, but you can play as other Nintendo¬†Characters, pretty cool!
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