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For a while now I’ve been using Quantcast stats to help monitor my site’s traffic. I also use Google Analytics to study what my audience really likes the most. I’m hoping to attract some advertisers
soon (Don’t worry, nothing like those evil ads that put underlined links everywhere) just two simple 125 x 125 ads on the left over there. But in an effort to help advertisers  what exactly the kind of site they are looking at here is, I’ve made public some of my Quantcast stats on the Advertise with us page, under the Contact menu at the very top navigation bar of this site. (Here) Quantcast can determine, with surprising accuracy, if you the viewer is Male or Female, and your income, by using a complex system of cookies, and recording your ip address. But fortunately, your identity is safe, your simply stored as a visitor, nothing that actually identifies who you really are.

My Weekly Visits

The “How” it’s done

To get started, you must first sign up for a quantcast account here. Then after that, setup your sites to get “Quantified” by adding some code to the bottom of your html (Just like Google Analytics)

Then, goto your specifics site’s settings, and you’ll see some charts. Change the settings and customize the charts to what you specifically want, and then click on embed right underneath the chart, and copy/paste that into your website. Do this for each chart and make a new report styled page, just to show off your stats.

I believe this looks quite impressive, but best of all, useful as well.

Green Complex Daily Visitors

Green Complex Daily Visitors

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