DDWRT on Linksys WRT54GL

!!WARNING!! The following guide is provided without warranty of any kind. Changing firmware does not come without risk. Proceed at your own risk. Hey, if you do brick, you can try my next guide on recovering your Linksys WRT54GL’s firmware using tftp.

This guide explains how I flashed my Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 with ¬†ddwrt version 24 preSP2 Build 12188 VPN firmware . You will need to flash to a smaller version of the dd-wrt firmware (the mini version) first due to a flash file size limit on the version 1.0 WRT54GL firmware before flashing to the standard, VOIP, or VPN versions. The mega version will not fit, so it’s not listed.

Step 1. Start by downloading the firmware:

Mini Generic dd-wrt.v24_mini_generic.bin 2009-06-03 2,93 MB
VPN Generic dd-wrt.v24_vpn_generic.bin 2009-06-03 3,59 MB

You will need BOTH of those files. (Please note, they are for the Linksys WRT54GL ONLY)

Step 2. Update the Firmware to the Mini Generic.

The reason for this is, the mini firmware is small enough to get onto the router. Linksys’s firmware has a 3MB limit to firmware uploads.
Once the DDWRT mini firmware is on, that limit is increased, so then we can upload larger firmware images.

Be sure to give the router a few whole minuets to reboot after it says success. If you unplug the power while it’s booting the new firmware to the first time you could mess things up. So grab a beer, whatever and let it boot up. This applies after the next step aswell.

Step 3. After the router is rebooted, set a username and password and continue to update the firmware once again, to the DWRT VPN firmware, or which ever you perfer, as DDWRT comes in a few flavors. I wanted the VPN abality, which I’ll cover soon enough in another article.

And that’s it! It’s actually really simple when you break it down right?

Why would someone want to use DDWRT anyway? It’s been around for a few years now and I really don’t see that changing. It gives you incredible control over your home networking for the cost of a little time. It works on many routers, but the cheapest and easist method is just buying a Linksys WRT54GL in the first place. There’re under 60 bucks at newegg with free shipping. Can’t beat that for what you get, speaking of, here’s a breif feature list.

  1. VPN
  2. Better Port Forwarding
  3. Bandwith Graphs
  4. Wake on Lan features
  5. Setup a Hotspot that’s either Paid, Free, or Ad-Driven(Yes earn ad revenue from others surfing), with Multiple SSID’s
  6. Use the Wireless as a bridge instead of an Access point.

Photo’s coming soon.

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