Effectively block Comment Link spam

Effectively blocking Comment Link spam in WordPress

A simple little wordpress setting can save you a lot of  headachs in regards to WordPress Spam Comments…

So I noticed about 330 Spam Comments that needed moderation in my WordPress the other day and that’s when I hit my limit. I hate spammers, and link spammers are the worst. They spam links in comments trying to “Steal” your page rank, or piggy back off of it or whatever. To boost their sites rank in Google. That is the dumbest thing they could do however, because if Google sees 1,000’s of blog comments linking back to your site overnight, Google will ban you. So what’s the point? Why do they do this?

They buy spamming software for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, with the promises that Google will love their website and they will make ten times what the app cost. LOL If that were true, why would they DARE to sell their own software? Why wouldn’t they just dominate Google and rule the world? Because they already have! They used the software back when it worked, after the big “G” stopped them, they needed a new source of income. So they go fishing for suckers. It’s those poor dumb sheep that listen to what these “Black Hat SEO Elite” preach and buy into their crappy comment link spamming software.

So if it’s so rampant how do we fight back? Easy, NO links in comments. Period. Not this No Follow crap either. How easy is it to do this? In word press admin go to your Settings section in the lower left.  Then scroll down to the black list text box, and copy paste this in to it.

. y

(One per line) And finally save your settings. This will block any comment that has a .com .cx .ru . anything

Yes, if someone types a sentence and doesn’t space between them it will block it, but IMO that’s worth the effort to effectively eliminate comment link spam. Can they still spam you? Yes, absolutely, but plain words aren’t as bad as them dragging your Page Rank down and making an association from your site to theirs.

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