Find almost any image's source on the Internet

Ever see a really neat wallpaper but it was the screen shot of someone’s desktop? Wish you could find the source on the internet?Or maybe you have an old image and can’t remember where it came from? Well this just happened to Shawn on and finding the source image is actually very easy, thanks to a free service called “Tin Eye” As of 2010-01-21, TinEye claims to have indexed over 1,276,899,174 images for comparisons! Usage is simple: First right click the image you want to find the source of, and click copy image location (In Firefox or Chrome) and paste it into the right hand box on and press enter. It’s that simple! To reiterate (Some people like step by steps) The Image Search Engine

  1. First get the URL of an image, or have one ready to upload.
  2. Then go to and upload the image or paste the URL to a hosted image.
  3. When checking out the results, I often click on biggest to try to find the source.
  4. Pro Tip: If there is not many results, then find the biggest you can, and get it’s URL and search for that one instead. Often you’ll find that this provides better results if your source image is small or blurry. – I’ve done that many times 🙂

I’ll post a Screencast tonight!

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