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Picasa and Facebook integration made easy

Picasa and Facebook integration made easy

by jasonSeptember 27, 2009

If you like Facebook  and Picasa, then this is the ultimate solution! If you don’t like the Facebook photo uploader, Picasa can help. I use two things that really make my life easier, one is called the “Picasa Uploader” and the other is “Picasa Tab”. So which is right for you? Maybe it’s both! Picasa Tab adds your Picasa Gallery to Facebook, and the Facebook Button goes into the bar at the bottom of Picasa, so you can send photo’s straight to Facebook.

FB to Picasa

Picasa Uploader

Picasa uploader, is a Facebook button for Picasa, so you can upload straight from inside Picasa into your Facebook Page.

This is what it looks like inside Picasa. To get started,