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Does the Sega Genesis Retro Classic Gaming Console have an HDMI port?

Does the Sega Genesis Retro Classic Gaming Console have an HDMI port?

by Jason GreenDecember 23, 2015

Sega Master Drive Genesis Console with Mortal Kombat and 80 built in gamesIf you just got a new  Sega Genesis AtGames Classic Game Console 2015 then you may have been surprised to discover a few issues while trying to hook it up to that new tv. Namely that AtGames, the Chinese maker of the Retro Genesis console has not quite updated the console as much as they would have you believe. But fear not! Despite the lack of stereo much less HDMI, you can still easily get that new console to work with your HDTV via a simple Yellow Plug to HDMI adapter. (The Yellow plug is called A/V Composite video or sometimes just av connection)


Here’s an adapter that will convert this classic gem into something a little more usable. The Mini Composite AV CVBS 3RCA to HDMI Video Converter Adapter 720p 1080p Upscaler will do the trick (Don’t worry about the Displayer, lol).

Sega Master Drive Genesis Console to HDMI Converter

Click here to for the AV to HDMI converter for the Sega Genesis retro console and don’t forget that this requires USB power as well. I recommend RAVPower 40W 4-Port USB Desktop Wall Charger ( because it’s 1. Cheap 2. Has a cord to get closer to the TV 3. Has an excellent voltage stabilizer which is great to ensure that the video signal remains constant. At only $12 bucks it’s a steal and you can also make a charge station near your tv or power other adapters for other retro consoles, since all the Classic consoles by AtGames seem to live in the past with only AV video and mono sound.

I mean, look at this usb wall charger!  Feel the power!



Sorry if this post feels kinda short, I got on the these classic consoles as a gift for someone special and realized what I needed a bit too late, but hopefully you can get what you need in time and buy informed, since AtGames is a little misleading on what they are selling. I was also disappointed that the 2015 version is missing an SD card slot, that the older versions reportedly had to load Genesis ROMS via the sd card. Also you cannot save games, which would be a welcome addition but won’t affect most games. You can tell that these retro consoles were made as a money grab, and not a labor of love, but they do do their job as intended, and are pretty cheap. Really, they should sell for $10 but because they are licensed, I’m sure SEGA get’s a little action and for me, that’s a good thing.

Leave me comments on your experience with the Sega Genesis AtGames Classic Game Console 2015 edition below and as always,  follow/like/subscribe/stalk us because we’re basically unheard of and someday you can say you liked Green Tech blog like the true hipster you are. (Because I’m sure I’m not cool yet.)

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