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May 18, 2010

Get the logged on username in .VBS

This uses a simple vbs script I made (Using a function to get user input from Rob van der Woude) to get your input for a computer name or ip address on your Windows Domain, and returns the currently logged in user.

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March 2, 2010

How to Reset Local Group Policy

Sometimes viruses or people use Group Policy against us and we need to reset it back to the default. It can control access to a number of things in windows from logon scripts to access to the screensaver settings. Resetting it is actually pretty simple, which is why you shouldn’t rely on it solely to guard your network.

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August 10, 2009

Example E-Mail Security Policy

In your company, communication is the circulatory system that keeps business moving. Next in line after telephone, E-Mail is the second easiest way to reach someone online. Sending documents, personal information, jokes and virsus are the most common types for information to be sent through e-mail.

There are some serious security considerations that should be known to everyone who has any responsibility for their e-mail system and it’s users. E-Mail is NOT secure, EVER. I say this because unless your using it in house only, you never know where it’s going to go when you send it.

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August 7, 2009

Example Laptop Security Policy

It's a company trip and you leave the room for some dinner, to return to find that your laptop is missing. Not only is your work and resources now robbed from you, but the hidden costs of data leakage in enormous. An average estimate for stolen data from Laptops results in $70,000 in damages per laptop in 2008. Can you afford NOT to take precautions?
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