Example Laptop Security Policy

Why do you need a Laptop Policy?

Do you know what your users are doing with your laptop?

Here is an example Laptop security policy. I have found it extremely helpful in aiding me in making mine. It’s difficult to think of all the different situations that can occur   and this template for a laptop security policy is just a lifesaver. I strongly encourage the enforcement of encrypting your company’s laptops because laptop theft is on the rise, and laptops were intended to be taken out into the world. It’s a company trip and you leave the room for some dinner, to return to find that your laptop is missing. Not only is your work and resources now robbed from you, but the hidden costs of data leakage in enormous. An average estimate for stolen data from Laptops results in $70,000 in damages per laptop in 2008. Can you afford NOT to take precautions?

Start with a strong Laptop Policy that stresses the importance of such things. Let me know if it looks like anything is missing.

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