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September 1, 2010

Google releases Priority Inbox for Gmail

Google will begin rolling out Priority Inbox for Gmail(<-Hover for video), a new feature for managing tons of e-mail. Your inbox will never be the same again.

Priority Inbox is Google’s attempt to solve the e-mail woes of Gmail power users. At its core, the feature is an algorithm; Priority Inbox uses information such as keywords, the people you e-mail the most and your e-mail habits to select the most pressing e-mails in your inbox. Those e-mails are brought to the top of your Gmail and marked as important so you deal with them first.

Priority Inbox is also an adaptive algorithm. Marking items as important or unimportant teaches the system what types of messages you [...]

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August 11, 2010

Digg Alpha Feeds

One of the new features of the new Digg alpha is FEEDS! Yes, now every post you make can be “Dugg” on the fly when you post by connecting your feed to your account on digg. Just follow a simple verify procedure outlined below (Just post the code as the title of a post or anywhere in the body, like this 4012032fb90b4ab0a5f176a57759e17f  ) and your set! (Notice I used this post to post it…) Here are the Screen Shots….

(Click for larger images)

Setting up new feed Get code to verify

Feed Verified!

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August 11, 2010

The Digging Trail

So it looks like Digg has taken some other queues from Twitter as whale. (Sorry for the bad pun) Similar to the fail whale concept, and combined it with the Oregon Trail. The Digging trail logo is what you’ll see if you attempt to load Digg when Digg suffers from the “Digg Effect”

I’ve been exploring more new features and I’ll keep the screen shots coming as fast as I can.

It looks like now you no longer have to submit every single new post to digg, just in case someone wants to digg it. The new Digg has full support for, that’s right FEEDS.

I’m beginning to think more and more, that this is a child of Facebook and [...]

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August 10, 2010

Digg Alpha

Digg Alpha

So I’m trying out Digg Alpha, and my first impressions are that it’s a lot like twitter and facebook combined with digg. You follow people like twitter, and it generates your own top stories from your friends and their friends. It also has importing friends features which are sure to make it much more “viral”. So without further ado, screenshots!

By the way, I have 5 invites! Any takers?

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