Getting into Google Wave

Getting into Google Wave

Well, I’m having a little trouble getting into Google Wave.  Google is telling us that it takes quite a bit of time to allocate the space for each user account, as there are TONS of them to be created. All the database creation and space requirements have me waiting and waiting, along with ALOT of other people.

For example, my friend is in Google Wave right now, with no one to talk to! How bizarre that must be, and also disappointing! Here’s a screenshot he sent me with his invitation he sent to me, THREE DAYS AGO…..


In the Pic above, my e-mail is clearly listed as to be invited…..

I keep checking my inbox, but I’ve not made any headway yet.

And BTW this post will not stay up for too long, after I get in I’ll be making a new post, and announcing the Winners who get invited in!

October 4, 2009 / News

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    Hey Bluesky, thanks for stopping by!
    Invite has been sent! I hope you stick around! We are starting to build a strong community! Don't forget to subscribe!!!

  2. :

    Hello everybody,
    I'm looking for a goold wave invitation,
    If someone have one and don't know what to do with it… Think over me ^^
    Thanks you !

  3. :


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  5. :

    Yeah I’m still waiting :(
    I have it, Google just hasn’t setup my account!

  6. :

    Hope you get well soon.
    Just added you on Twitter.

    I finally got a Google Wave invitation and hope it will be here soon. Hope it won’t take a week like many people said. Do you still wait for your invite?

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    I got an upper endoscopy (Camera down the Throat)
    They were just checking out the plumbing, Got a few things going on so they were taking a biopsy of something in my stomach to see what is it…. I won’t know for a week.

    My Twitter is @LarcenIII

    Yeah this whole release coulda been better. I saw a bodybuilder/high schools kid on twitter who says HFL in every other word, and wants everyone on planet earth to follow him to hear him say HFL every five mins.

    Yes, seriously, thats the most interesting thing he has to say, along with dropping the F-bomb at random. lawl

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    Forgot about the worst part:
    Many people got invited 2 to 3 times or even more. Why do they send multiple invitations to the same people if they claim to do it manually?

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    hope your allright man. what happened?
    btw. whats you twitter name again?

    The invitation system is not fair at all. if it would be on a first come first served basis they wouldn’t allow people in, who got invited and never signed up. i’m not sure, since i didn’t get a confirmation email but i think i signed up 2 or 3 days after the registration form has been online :(

    btw. what not many people realize, its a war for usernames too

  10. :

    Thanks ix7, you’re absolutely right! I’ve found people on Twitter who are in wave that are completely clueless in wave, and yet they didn’t send one to the creator of Mashable, a blog that gets over 1 Million hits a day!

    I think the approached the Invitation thing wrongly, but it’s not my job to tell Google what to do.

    Sorry for the long time with no updates, I was in the hospital… :(

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    Seems like they are sending out invitations right now. They also confirmed that not everybody can send invitations ATM.
    Getting a little frustrated here because it seems like it will take forever to actually get into Wave. Seems like all the non-techy people already have an account.
    Suggestion to Google: Take my 4 gigabytes free space and computing power from Gmail and transform it into a Wave account ;)

    Btw, is it true that you currently can’t delete waves? How on earth could they have forgotten about this?

  12. :

    If you do please send me one too, I’m beginning to think that mine is broken… :(

    I’m going to ask @twephanie and see if hopefully I can get a response about my situation…

  13. :

    Alright, so, a twitter friend of mine just sent out a tweet saying he got his Google Wave invite. I’m hoping he has an extra he can send my way. Guess we’ll see.

  14. :

    Have you gotten your invite ?
    I can see on twitter that alot have got their invites ;P

  15. :

    Half is good! But I hear through the grapevine that they are starting to give people 100 invites! That’s a RUMOR, just to clarify. I’ll let you know when I hear it from a reliable source!
    I’m giving 100% (-1) for you guys here.

  16. :

    Oh wow, sorry just read above about the 8 invites, that’s small! I could share half though without problem.

  17. :

    Hey Jason, this is great…good to know Google isn’t really restricting how many people get in, just the rate at which it happens.

    I posted in the other thread, and signed up for your RSS feed, and I’m totally willing to share the majority of my invites here if I get one! I probably only need about 10 of them anyways.

  18. :

    larsras from twitter: Ok firefighting over the weekend went well. System reasonably stable and invites are starting to go out again. Slowly at first.

    Now we’re just waiting :P

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    Thanks for the great digging! I should have looked @twephanie but I just didn’t think about it. In case anyone was wondering twephanie is the girl in the featured video at the top right.

    Yep, your right, Stephanie said that they were trickling invitations out over the weekend and should begin cranking them out tonight.

    Thanks again for the info! Jesse Newhart rarely posts anything I find interesting, but hes got a fairly popular blog. Just another corner of the interwebs I didn’t look.

  20. :

    You can relate on this article … … because it seems confirmed by a google employee. There’s also this twitter status by one of the wave devs: . This would mean they have no 100.000 invitation limit anymore and nobody seems to have more or less than 8 invites, just as you assumed. The big question remains: How many are already in there and when will the rest of us get in. Currently monitoring the twitter accounts of the wave devs for new info. Somehow i don’t see posts with “Yay i got my account” on social networks anymore.

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    I looked on the interwebs and cannot find anything either confirming or otherwise, if invited people can invite more.

    Google never said there is 100,000 people limit. Only that they were sending out 100,000 invites. 100,000 * 8 is 800,000 People. Why would they open it up to 800,000 and stop there? That’s almost a million, might as well let everyone in anyway, the point I’m sure, is to stagger people onto the network. Imagine if Twitter opened up and on the first day 1 Million people signed up. It would crash and everyone would hate on it. It grew gradually as it “caught on”. Well Google wave doesn’t have to catch on, people are beating the doors down to get in. I’m pretty sure that’s why it’s taking so long to get in, and why I think everyone will get 8 invites. They probably just send them out really slowly to prevent overloading the system. Anyone remember when gmail went down the other day? I bet they were getting their routers ready for the new load on the system….

  22. :

    I installed the gmail notifier, so I wouldn’t jump to the gmail tab all day xD
    and I haven’t even got promiced an invite O.o

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    i’d say don’t expect it before weekend. i have this bad feeling that it will take a long time till everybody gets his invitation. then i hear, only people who got invited by Google itself can nominate others. So you might not be able to invite anyone. :/

  24. :

    Yeah, that’s why I’m not leaving the Pic up long…

    And yes, I’m wearing out my Gmail checking it so often I’m sure!

    This is crazy….

  25. :

    3 days wtf O.o That’s a loooong time to wait for something like this xD

    And maybe you should blur out the emails in the pic, unless the owners don’t mind :)

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