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OpenDNS and Neustar bring Real Time DNS

OpenDNS and Neustar bring Real Time DNS

by Jason GreenFebruary 2, 2010

OpenDNS The Largest DNS Provider

OpenDNS is the largest recursive DNS provider and Neustar is the largest authoritative DNS provider. These two are now working together on a new joint project called DNS Real-Time Directory that allows the updating of the DNS in near real time. The concept was born when they identified the need for a better process for updating the DNS. The old process limits businesses that maintain their own DNS records with the “time to live” delays encountered before DNS records cached at ISPs are updated. For us DNS Real-Time Directory means OpenDNS is now not only the largest DNS provider, but also the most up-to-date. Yet more reinforcement to use OpenDNS for your business. I use it, and I’m totally pumped about this new advancement. This means we could literally go from registering a new website, to launch in a matter of minuets, or move to new servers with little to no trouble.

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