Street Slide:Microsoft's return to innovation?

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Microsoft ┬árecently released a sneak peek at their new street view navigation system called Street Slide. After I watched the Video (Which tells you everything you need to know about so I’ll save my breath explaining it and just let you watch the video) I thought to myself, Microsoft has finally done it, they’ve broken their 5 year long “innovation┬áblock” and are shifting from a follower back to a leader. This is the first truly innovative new product I’ve seen from Microsoft in years. Now before you go thinking, what about Kinect, well 1. It’s not here yet and 2. They bought it, they didn’t make it, in fact, they took a great idea and ruined it just like Xbox Live.

Only time will tell if this new Street Slide will be an indication of the new changes at Microsoft. Bing has only had lukewarm reception at best, and if they keep this up the adoption rates of their search services could turn around. I think the current adoption rates are over inflated because it’s the default Search engine on Win7 and IE8 so any leverage they can get they are utilizing. But in the mean time, I’m sticking with Google.

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