The Digging Trail

digg404So it looks like Digg has taken some other queues from Twitter as whale. (Sorry for the bad pun) Similar to the fail whale concept, and combined it with the Oregon Trail. The Digging trail logo is what you’ll see if you attempt to load Digg when Digg suffers from the “Digg Effect”

I’ve been exploring more new features and I’ll keep the screen shots coming as fast as I can.

It looks like now you no longer have to submit every single new post to digg, just in case someone wants to digg it. The new Digg has full support for, that’s right FEEDS.

I’m beginning to think more and more, that this is a child of Facebook and Twitter and twitter feed all rolled into one!

Sure thing tho, is that the new Digg is either going to be a major contender with Facebook and Twitter, or it’s going to fail victim of being just “Another Facetwitter”

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