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Twitter Fail because of Gmail Fail

Twitter Fail because of Gmail Fail

by Jason GreenSeptember 1, 2009

So what happens when Gmail, the largest provider of Email in the world, goes down?
Well Twitter Fails too of course! They’re surfing right at capacity and as more people figure out gmail is down they’re turning to twitter to figure out whats goin on!

When these tidal waves of tweets come in from twitter, like when MJ died, or Gmail, what is the name for those waves of tweets?

Tweetal Waves?

Twitter FAil Whale

Twitter FAil Whale

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Jason Green
The writer and owner of Green Complex, Jason is an A+ Certified for Computer Hardware egghead and Eagle Scout since 1999 but has been building computers and programming for much longer. An enthusiast to say the least, his hobbies also include photography, video games, and reading. See his proficiencies on Smarterer.

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