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Green Wallpapers and a R4D New URL Shortener

Green Wallpapers and a R4D New URL Shortener

by Jason GreenNovember 2, 2009

Green Complex is proud to announce two new websites that have been added to our network!

The first one is a subdomain of called

Green Wallpapers

Obviously it’s a wallpaper website, so far, it only has wallpapers submitted by me. I may do a write up on how to make your own wallpaper website for those who are interested.

The Other is a simple URL shortener, that mimics many of the features most are familiar with.

It’s located at

r4d.usIt’s still Beta, but you’re free to use it, and more instructions will be posted over there on R4D.

Is there anydirection I should take either of these sites? What would you do with them? I’m open to your suggestions! You’re welcome to comment, twitter, use the suggestion box on the lower right, Facebook me, whatever!

About The Author
Jason Green
The writer and owner of Green Complex, Jason is an A+ Certified for Computer Hardware egghead and Eagle Scout since 1999 but has been building computers and programming for much longer. An enthusiast to say the least, his hobbies also include photography, video games, and reading. See his proficiencies on Smarterer.

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