Windows 2000 and XP SP2 Support

Microsoft Drops Win2k, XP SP2 in July

Microsoft offers support for five years and¬†extended support for another five years for their Windows platforms. It will soon be time for Windows 2K and Windows XP SP2, in fact, It’s July 13.

But don’t worry, the self-help online support like the Knowledge Base articles (Kb-#### articles), FAQs, troubleshooting tools, and other resources will be around for at least a year longer. But paid support, support assistance, and MOST importantly, security updates will be discontinued on July 13.

This means that if you’re not hanging with at least SP3, you are running a serious security risk to yourself!

To Check what Service Pack you are running, simply press the Win Key and Pause at the same time (Win + Pause/Break). A box like the following will appear and show information about your system. If you’re not running SP3 on Windows XP, I recommend going to Microsoft Update right away and getting the free update to Service Pack 3.

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