Blocklist of Bad Facebook Apps.

Really, this is getting out of hand! I’m tired of getting Facebook requests from apps like “Feed” or “Farm Ville Free Coins or gifts” or other stupid apps that try to trick you!

Let’s beat these guys to the punch, I’ve created a group on Facebook called FBAPPS-You-should-block and anyone can join, and add the app urls that we should block.

Simply click on block after clicking the link we provide. If we are missing a bad app to block just drop us the Link to block it and we’ll post it!

This could save you a lot of headaches down the road! Check it out….

Here’s the link to the Fan Page:

Oh, and they will never bother you about or send you wasted messages, just join the group, visit once a week or two and block a few new submitted apps, and your done! No more viral apps spreading or nagging you! Got a friend who always asks you to add weird unheard of apps? Point them to our site, and hopefully we can put this behind us!


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