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Virus Total : Makes submitting files easy

Virus Total : Makes submitting files easy

by Jason GreenJuly 3, 2009

Virus Total is a free online service that helps discover new virsus by making it easy to submit files for analysis and see if your antivirus engine is effectivly protecting you.

Submitting files to be examined by antivirus companies can be a chore, even if you know how.
Sometimes you have to zip the file, password the archive, and e-mail, just to find it was too large, so you start over, zip the file, span the archive (didn’t forget to password it too right?) E-mail the files one at a time and hope they can put it back together.

Enter Virus Total. they have a webform to submit files and a nifty little uploader that does all the work for you! It’s so easy the best way to see how it works is to just submit a file yourself and see what happens. You get to see results in realtime so there’s no waiting. Just goto their website and follow the simple instructions. I find them very usefull during those “questionable downloads” that we run into from time to time.

Visit their site here:

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