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The easiest way to copy Blu-ray Discs

The easiest way to copy Blu-ray Discs

by jasonDecember 19, 2009

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to dupilcate Blu-Ray discs then DVD fab is for you!
I’ve been a DVDFab user off and on for years, but I must say that their newest edition to the lineup, DVDFAB Blu-ray to Blu-ray is the easiest Blueray copier I’ve seen yet! (Click on screenshot for a larger view)


It worked flawlessly the very first time I tried it! I’ve never even burned a Bluray before, and this program made me like an old hand at it! You gotta give it a try for yourself if you’re into blu-ray home movies, or whatever :3 –


You can get DVDFAB Blu-ray to Blu-ray copier from the usual places, or buy it direct here!

Get DVDFAB Bluray to Bluray copier HERE.

(Or on the giant monkey head)dvdfab logo

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