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If Filezilla is a good FTP Client, then what is a good FTP Server? I owened a copy of serv-U and BulletProof servers, but after trying Filezilla’s client, I’ve switched to the Freeware FTP server also by Filezilla because it’s updated more current rhan most pay-for servers and has more features.

Remote Administration is one of the great features. Despite administrating the server on the local machine, the interface can also be used to administrate remote servers. But you will most likely want to administrate on your local server. In this case enter as server address. For the server port, you have to enter the same port number you specified during installation for the admin port. (default: 14147)

This means you can share folders and add / remove users from anywhere in the world. This is accomplished by having the server split into two parts, the server daemon , and the interface are separate apps. This insures the server uses the minimum amount of system resources. If your looking to share files across the internet the old school way, or need to access your private files between home and work, FTP is a solid time tested solution.

Download link :

Guide to setting up the server: Coming soon!

fz-serverconfig4P.S. Sorry for the downtime, server move completed! The new server is faster and I’m very excited to get things moving again!

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