SRWare Iron – The Browser of the Future

SRWare Iron – The Browser of the Future: “SRWare Iron: – based on the free Sourcecode ‘Chromium’ – without any problems at privacy and security

Google’s Web browser Chrome thrilled with an extremely fast site rendering, a sleek design and innovative features. But it also gets critic from data protection specialists , for reasons such as creating a unique user ID or the submission of entries to Google to generate suggestions. SRWare Iron is a real alternative. The browser is based on the Chromium-source and offers the same features as Chrome – but without the critical points that the privacy concern.

From their site:

We could therefore create a browser with which you can now use the innovative features without worrying about your privacy.

We want our users to participate in our work and make the browser free to download under the name ‘SRWare Iron’ into the net.”

From Iron’s official website:

Whats the difference beetwen Iron and Chrome?


Comparism of Iron and Chrome on privacy:

Problem Chrome Iron
Client-ID Chrome creates a unique ID through which a user can be theoretically identified. does not exist in Iron
Timestamp Chrome remembers up to the second exactly when the software was installed. does not exist in Iron
Suggest Depending on the configuration, each time you put something in the address line,this information is sent to Google to provide suggestions. does not exist in Iron
Alternate Error Pages Depending on the configuration, if you have typed a false address in the adress bar, this is sent to Google and you get an error message from Google’s servers. does not exist in Iron
Error Reporting Depending on the configuration, details about crashes or failures are sent Google’s servers. does not exist in Iron
RLZ-Tracking This Chrome-function transmits information in encoded form to Google, for example, when and where Chrome has been downloaded. does not exist in Iron
Google Updater Chrome installs a updater, which loads at every Windows in background. does not exist in Iron
URL-Tracker Calls depending on the configuration five seconds after launch the Google homepage opens in background does not exist in Iron

Other important differences:

Problem Chrome Iron
Adblocker Chrome doesn’t have an built-in adblocker Iron has an easy to use and built-in adblocker which can be configured by a single file
User-Agent The User-Agent in Chrome is only be changeable with parameters over a link or command, which isn’t really ideal for permanent usage. The User-Agent in Iron can be flexiblel and permanently changed by UA.ini.
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