Dubaron Disk Utility

Dubaron is a software company that makes Freeware, Open source libraries, &
Commercial libraries. I still can’t believe they just give this away!

Dubaron: Incredible Disk Utility Software!

Dubaron Diskimage is the ultimate tool to backup and restore partitions, entire harddisks, usb keys, floppy drives and (read-only) optical media (CDs & DVDs). Ok, so it’s not Norton Ghost, nor was is planned to be, you can’t deploy a large number of corporate pcs with it from a server. (That’s a different app) But it CAN dump a raw disc or drive to a file on your PC that you can clone to another drive.

Usage examples

  • Calculate MD5 sum of an file or iso
  • Backup and restore USB keys
  • Dump cd’s to iso
  • Hexedit files, floppies and disks
  • View partition information
  • Backup and restore data on non-native partitions
  • Search in file or disk for textual or binary data
  • Clone a harddisk
  • Copy contents of one partition to another
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