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How to protect your E-Mail address

How to protect your E-Mail address

by Jason GreenOctober 2, 2009

SPAM. We all hate it, and while there is a ton of different ways to protect yourself from it, the safest, bestest, way, is to



NEVER GIVE YOUR EMAIL TO ANYONE. lol, But that doesn’t help us get it out there for real people does it?

I recently became aware of this problem; with all the Twitterer’s of the world wildly posting their e-mail everywhere all willy-nilly, their email addresses are subject to the harvesting by robots. Robots crawl websites like twitter (and yes they even crawl my site) so sooner or later you’ll wind up on a spammer list.

We all got caught up in the E-mail sharing twitter storm trying to get Google Wave invites. ­čśŤ

So what’s the best way to protect yourself? I found a little website called Scrim ( There is NO┬áregistration┬árequired, (nice) all you do is type in your e-mail address, and it generates a tiny URL like this one and anyone who clicks on it is asked to verify that they are human, after which your e-mail is displayed!

Give it a try! Here’s my email address

And to anyone who was thinking “I just put email [A T] whereever {dot} com” – Well the bots have been wise to this for a long time, and it only fools the simplest of spam bots, they have long been trained beyond that old trick….


Let me know if you like/dislike this….

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