Speedup WordPress Tip#2

Wordpress Speedup Tip#2

WordPress Speed Tip #2 Cache in now to save later…

WordPress is end the end, just a PHP script. With the dynamic nature of PHP, every time a page is loaded, WordPress must execute a series of queries to the database server, to generate the page.This can make your site load slow and even crash due to the server load if you experience high traffic.(See Digg Effect) The best way to avoid this problem is by using a caching Plugin. There are Database Caches and HTML Caches, I’ve have the best results with the HTML caching. WP Super Cache can cache complete generated pages and serve those instead of processing the heavy dynamic queries. Once you have installed this plugin, you will see BIG decrease in your site load time and your site will be very noticeably faster.

Once you install the plugin, it self configures and you can turn it on and off in the plugin’s settings page, which looks like this:

WP SuperCache Settings Page

Typically this will make any wordpress page load in less than a second, however, combined with speed tip #1, These two tips along will send your site flying! Tips 1&2 are aimed at the non dynamic, and dynamic content respectively. The other tips in the series are the icing on the cake, that will finish off a complete and mature WordPress website.


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