WordPress is leaving Blogging behind

WordPress leaving behind blogging?

WordPress after over 5 years of being the perferred blogging tool of choice of professional bloggers and recognized worldwide, hosting over 4.5 Million Blogs on WordPress.com, Automatic the company behind WordPress has announced the Beta of version 3 of their popular Blogging platform will no longer be simply a blogging platform. The new WordPress version 3 sports many new features borrowed from its sister product WordPress-MU. In fact WordPress 3 marks a convergence between the two platforms into one very different and new WordPress we’ve never seen before. The Biggest Difference? Blog posts and Pages and now itemized as new objects that are definable.

Wordpress 3.0

To explain it better, I’ll give you an example: You had Posts and Pages. You could get plugins to make Video blogs and plugins to make galleries. But now, Posts are defined as well as pages as “Types” and new “Types” can be defined. You can make a Post type for Podcasts, Videos, Photos and anything you can imagine. WordPress has grown beyond a blogging platform into a full fledged CMS. No, not wordpress AS a CMS WordPress IS a CMS. With content types definable, you could make a website that had a blog, static pages, videos, (for VLogs) PODcasts, download archives, flash pages, anything you can imagine. This ment a complete overhaul of the Page Navigation system in WordPress, and they sought out the Developers at WooThemes to apply their Page Navigation Editing system to the WP Core, and it looks awesome!

Other tidbits about WordPress 3:

  • Specific author templates. The function get_author_template() has been expanded in wp-includes/theme.php.
  • Background settings configuration
  • Custom Post Types

Some preview screenies for those interested:

WordPress 3 Menu Editor

WP3 Menu Editor

WordPress 3.0 Background settings

Background Editor

WordPress 3.0 Custom Post Types

Custome Post Type Creation

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